arcutronix‘ supports Power Management!

Press information

Hanover, 17. December 2012

acutronix GmbH improves its Power Management in the 19‘‘-Chassis and provides a new tool for better planning

For years arcutronix offers for its 19’’ rack a specific protection against overloading the power supply in the rack. The racks of arcutronix can house one or two main power supplies, serving the entire unit. The capacity of the power supplies varies depending on the model and more or less power is available. To prevent a power-fail due to not sufficient capacity, when a new, additional module is plugged into the rack, arcutronix introduced the so-called “Power-Management”. Each new module checks, if the chassis has enough power reserves to supply the additional card on the common backplane. If this is not the case, the module does not start, but remains in standby mode. Finding sufficient power reserves, the module starts operation and the reserves of the rack decreases by the now used amount. Using the “Power-Management” does reliable prevent disrupting existing services, when a new module is installed. A similar behavior is applied when in assemblies optical modules (SFPs, XFPs) can be inserted. Once these are identified, it is checked whether there is enough resources available and enabled only if there is sufficient power.

As an extension of its “Power-Management” arcutronix now offers now a planning tool that supports customers. During run-up to the installation of complete racks or single cards in existing racks, the performance can be verified. Possible planning errors can be avoided and the installation can be done quickly and without any unexpected problems. This saves time, money and hassle.

The new power-planning tool is available on the extraNet for download.