arcutronix supports InfiniBand and optical HDMI

Access specialist arcutronix extends the capabilities of its multi-protocol family FCX10G. Additional protocols are supported to perfect the feature set. The increasing number of applications and options in optical transmission are considered by arcutronix and the possible usage of the unit extended.

Today, InfiniBand is widely used in High Performance Networks as it offers important features and is easily and cost-effectively installed. InfiniBand’s features comprise high throughput, low latency, high service quality, and failover. The broad distribution in computing centres, super computer, and storage networks is now followed by an increasing demand to transport InfiniBand via optical (WDM) networks.

arcutronix are aware of the growth in such demands and have maintained development accordingly. The extended FCX10G offers the benefit of supporting the transmission of 10G optical InfiniBand (QDR). The FCX10G with InfiniBand can be used to adopt different wavelengths as well as different fibre modes for InfiniBand in an efficient and easy manner. The adoption of InfiniBand onto a DWDM and/or CWDM wavelength can be done to multiplex several services onto one single pair of fibres.

Similar development in growing demand for optical transport and long distances has been seen for HDMI. Though HDMI is today a mostly short distance technology via copper cables, the interest of putting HDMI on fibre is increasing. The optical HDMI operates at 10.2Gbps and is good for very long distances.

The extension of the FCX10G-family to support InfiniBand as well as optical HDMI 1.3 ensures arcutronix lead in such technology making the FCX10G one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market.

Use of cutting-edge solutions from arcutronix ensures your network is always kept up-to-date!