SDSL repeater and Remote Power Unit by arcutronix

Arcutronix GmbH expandeds its portfolio to include SDSL regenerators and 16-Line Remote Power Supply.

For years arcutronix provides a broad range of SDSL modems for the copper -based access networks of telecommunication provider. The experience gained in the field of DSL technology, access networks and customer requirements have been bundled into an extension of the technique. The SDSL repeater “ZWR - BRX1”, an extremely economical repeater for SDSL data transmission, is available. The repeater doubles the possible range of SDSL technology operating on a twisted wire pair. Multiple repeaters can be cascaded to extend the reach. So even the most remote locations can be developed by the powerful SDSL technology.

The contemporaneous presented Remote Power Supply “FSP-RPX16” makes it possible to operate the ZWR-BRX1 at locations where no local supply is available or scheduled. Up to 16 SDSL lines can be supplied from a central location with supply voltage ( 115VDC ) . 2 repeaters can be served per line, so 32 repeaters can be feed with one single unit. The FSP-RPX16 occupies only one single height unit  (HU) in installation rack.  Besides the pure power supply functionality, the FPS-RPX16 offers a wide range of measuring and monitoring features that can be accessed and adjusted by management.